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A digital biometrically controlled mobile app that dispenses pills only as prescribed. 

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Doctors write prescirptions

Pharmacist fill prescription

Patients get a brown bottle of pills

What prevents a petient from taking 1 pill or the bottle of pills


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In the hospital opioids are dispensed by nurses and stored under lock and key.  Patients are closely monitored for the side effects of opioids. Currently, patients dispense opioids to themselves and store opioids in unsecure locations.  They are not monitored for opioid side effects at home. They get a bottle of pills and nothing prevents them from taking one pill or the whole bottle of pills.  The continuity of care needs to be identical from the hospital to the home.   The iPill App and iPill Dispenser provides a solution; to enforce prescription adherence to prevent simple overconsumption; to prevent diversion of opioids by using fast 4 point biometric authentication; to provide a safe tamper-resistant storage solution; to provide blockchain electronic medical record connectivity for physician remote access; to provide non-opioid cognitive behavior interventions such as social networks, music, games, family, AR/VR entertainment; and to detect respiratory depression so 911 called to notify life saving rescuers.  The value proposition is that a safe storage solution to prevent diversion will save money when compared to extended release abuse deterrent opioids cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. An active control system that prevents opioid oversonsumption saves a $12,000 emergency room visit or a $28,000 hospital stay or a $128,000 inpatient rehab stint

A prototype has been built.  If interested please contact me.  

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About Us

135 people die a day from an opioid overdose (2017 FDA)

1 in 5 people know someone abusing drugs. We can prevent someone you know from dying.  

90% of opioid drugs are orally abused

  1. Getting a bottle of pills is like getting a handful of pills.  Nothing prevent 1 pill or 10 pill from being taken
  2. Pain management not elimination of opioids will save lives
  3. Passive Control like REMS, PMDP monitor pills 
  4. No other devices monitors the patient for opioids side effects like respiratory depression

The iPill App + iPill Dispenser

Promotes safe compliant pain managment

Enforces Prescription adherence

4 point Biometric Authentication

BlockChain transaction records

EMR compaible

Remote physician control

Prevents diversion

Safe storage of unused opioids



Detects Respiratory Depression

If respiroatory distress is detected 911 is called

Patent Pending

510K Class 2 FDA approval pending


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