The iPill Dispenser - a solution for the opioid crisis
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About Us

Founder, John Hsu MD



John Hsu, MD, Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Dr. Hsu is anesthesiologist and pain management physician, but also a serial entrepreneur. His most recent activity is as CEO and Founder of QuiVivePharma, a company he took from inception to a FDA face-to-face PreIND meeting in just 1 year.  

He is also President of SBS Medical Management, a healthcare economic consulting firm for investment banks and Expert Medical Reviews, including the California Medical Board. 

Other companies he has founded or co-founded include: 1) IMTH, a real estate investment trust with properties through the state of California; 2) iPill Dispenser, a medical device that uses a mobile app to control a secure, stand-alone pill dispenser to prevent opioid sharing, diversion, and drug overdoses; and 3) NAOMI systems, a practice management software company that integrates digital X-rays devices in PACS, EMR and RCM billing modules. 

After years of watching the opioid crisis develop, John has developed an innovative drug and dispenser to safely treat pain and deter abuse.  His drive to improve healthcare is based on passion, compassion and hope.

Director : Sherie Hsieh, BS


Ms. Hsieh is a clinical toxicologist.  She has been following the opioid crisis with keen interest and asked the question: if government policy is decreasing opioid access by limiting prescriptions, why are more people dying?  The answer is that we are not including the patient perspective in the healthcare team.  Her ideas have guided the development of the iPill.

Ms. Hsieh looks at problems with out-of-the-box thinking. She looks at people who have failed at curbing the opioid crisis and does not want to follow their failures.  She believes the iPill will provide an innovative solution to the opioid crisis.

Team Members


  • Lacarya Scott MBA - corporate finance
  • Ginger Cantor MBA, regulatory affairs 
  • Brian Harvey MD, PhD Former FDA Director - regulatory affairs 
  • Kyle Rose, MBA Quality Systems
  • Nisha Sawhney, MA design engineering 
  • James Yang, BS App Designer
  • Alfonso Limon PhD design engineering 
  • Jared Adams MD, PhD - cognitive behavioral therapy 
  • Peter Weinstein PhD,JD- legal counsel
  • Robert Nickells, Pharm.D. Supply chain Pharmaceutical Services
  • Gary Seel Horst, MBA Business Development